A Firm Focused On Second Chances In The Courtroom

As effective and reliable as they may be, our criminal and civil justice systems don’t always get things right. Mistakes and errors are made, evidence is overlooked, and innocent people are wrongfully convicted.

Thankfully, an unfair verdict or unsound judgment isn’t always the end of the story. With the help of a skilled appellate law attorney, you may be able to secure a better resolution to your legal issue. That’s the kind of lawyer you’ll find when you contact Clouthier Law, PLLC.

An Attorney Dedicated To Client Success

The firm, headed by attorney Susan J. Clouthier, focuses exclusively on appellate law in both criminal and civil matters. Ms. Clouthier, a 2007 graduate of the University of Houston Law Center, has extensive experience in appellate work, including:

  • Criminal and civil appeals in Texas and Federal Circuit Courts
  • Post-conviction writs of habeas corpus for felony convictions under Texas Code of Criminal Procedure Art. 11.07 in Texas
  • Appeals from post-conviction writs of habeas corpus in a Community Supervision case under Texas Code of Criminal Procedure Art.11.072
  • Motions under 28 U.S.C. 2255 in Federal District Court
  • Appeals from §2255 motions to Federal Circuit Court
  • Petitions for Writ of Certiorari at the United States Supreme Court
  • Petitions for Review at the Texas Supreme Court
  • Petitions for Discretionary Review at the Court of Criminal Appeals

She is also recognized for her attention to detail and her client service.

Learn More About Your Legal Options During An Initial Consultation

Office in The Woodlands, Texas, Clouthier Law, PLLC (formerly Lader Contreras, PLLC) has been serving clients on appeal matters for half a decade. To discuss your rights and legal options with a skilled appellate law attorney call, 832-849-5410 or fill out this online contact form.