Family Law Appeals

Clouthier Law has the skill to handle difficult family law appeals

Family Law matters often involve a great deal of frustration and heartache, and the attorneys at Clouthier Law are equipped to handle navigating the fragile and delicate matters in family law cases. Often even the most contentious disputes can be resolved simply by hiring an appellate attorney. Susan Clouthier has successfully resolved extremely highly contested matters prior to filing any briefs despite the parties’ repeated attempts at failed mediation.

Appeals are Possible in Family Law Matters

When negotiation is not an option, an appeal can be successful in reversing the case. While higher courts often give a lot of deference to factual decisions by family courts, appellate remedies are still available in the family court context. Whether you want to challenge an unjust contempt order, an inequitable distribution of assets in a divorce proceeding, or another unfavorable ruling, the court of appeals may reverse the family court’s findings in numerous circumstances. The attorneys at Clouthier Law have handled a variety of family court appeals and have the experience to assist you in appealing an unjust outcome from family court.