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The Round Rock Appellate Attorney

Knowledgeably Appellate Attorneys Representing Clients in Round Rock and Greater Austin Area

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Clouthier Law offers a full-service appellate practice to help you with your unfavorable judgment or verdict in your lawsuit or trial.

The attorneys at Clouthier Law recognize the failings in the justice system and are devoted to holding the justice system accountable for its errors. For the convenience of its clients, Clouthier Law also has an office in the Greater Austin area to serve clients in Williamson, Travis, Hays, Caldwell and Bastrop Counties.

We offer clients a quiet, intimate, welcoming atmosphere so that they and their loved ones feel at home while facing difficult legal challenges. The attorneys and staff at the firm are fully committed to serving our client’s needs, and we sincerely care about each person we help. The attorneys are not just skilled and knowledgeable, but take the time to listen to each person’s story, as we have learned that many of our clients have not had an opportunity to have their side of the story heard.

What Courts of Appeals Will My Case be Heard?

Cases out of Round Rock and the Greater Austin area are heard by the Third Court of Appeals in Austin, Texas. Civil cases can be further appealed to the Supreme Court of Texas, and criminal appeals can be appealed to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.

The Third Court of Appeals has six justices. Each year, the Third Court of Appeals decides a substantial number of cases. In 2019, 528 civil appeals were filed, and 308 criminal appeals were filed. As such, it is of paramount importance to hire an attorney that understands the appellate system so that your appeal is thoroughly considered by the court.

What About Federal Appeals?

Federal appeals derived from the Western District of Texas are heard at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit in New Orleans, Louisiana. Cases further appealed are petitioned to the United States Supreme Court. The principle attorney, Susan Clouthier, is licensed to practice in each of the forementioned federal courts, therefore she can assist your appeal, no matter the subject matter or area it originated.

What are My Chances to Win?

This is probably the question our attorneys are asked most often. Unfortunately, it is not possible to estimate the probability of success on appeal. Each case must be assessed on its own merits; however, your odds increase if you hire an attorney extremely knowledgeable about appeals.

Does my Judgment Have to be From the Greater Austin Area to Hire Clouthier Law?

Absolutely not! The nature of appeals permits us to take cases anywhere in the State of Texas, and we can even handle most federal appeals throughout the United States. Since most of the work is completed and filed remotely, the location the case originated does not prevent an attorney from being retained on appeal. While our primary office is located in the Woodlands, Texas, we welcome our clients and loved ones of clients to visit any of our offices by appointment.

Client Reviews
“Susan has worked tirelessly for years filing appeals on my behalf. Finally her efforts and persistence has paid off. After serving 11 and 1/2 years, I was released from Federal Prison and have been able to return to my family and help once again with raising my children [now age 16]. My family and I owe a debt of gratitude which we will never be able to repay. The love we feel for Susan is immeasurable.” Joe R.
“Our case was complicated and time critical. Susan took charge of the entire process, keeping us updated with texts, phone calls and emails. She worked through a Holiday weekend to make certain our case got the attention and success required to bring our loved one home. It is also very important to know that she has sophisticated research tools, which are IMPERATIVE when you have to navigate through the Appeals process.” Jack H.
“Susan is a thoroughly dedicated professional that has a unique empathy for cases that reveal the misapplication of justice that so often affects those with limited resources. Through her tireless efforts, one of my best friends had six years reduced from his sentence. The family and I will be forever grateful to Susan.” James P.
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