Susan Clouthier’s Mission is to Hold the Justice System Accountable

Clouthier Law, PLLC focuses entirely on obtaining relief for clients from an unfair verdict. Whether you have been convicted of a crime or you received an unfair civil judgment, Clouthier Law, PLLC is personally committed to obtaining the best possible outcome for your case.

“Susan is my appeals attorney. What really makes her stand out is that she reads all of the evidence and learns your story. She is excellent at attention to detail. Susan is great at communicating and keeping you up to date on what’s going on with your case. She is very compassionate and does what’s right. I would HIGHLY recommend her.”

– Ryan K.

Susan Contreras

What Clients Say

“I was blown away by how thorough and detailed it was which is most important when it comes to the appeals process.Susan has been beyond amazing. She has been a real blessing and her understanding and dedication has been money well spent. She meets all the qualifications for what I value in an attorney and what I was looking for this particular case. I made an excellent decision. She does an amazing job and without a doubt knows what she is doing.”

– Lauren L.

“Our case was complicated and time critical. Susan took charge of the entire process, keeping us updated with texts, phone calls and emails. She worked through a Holiday weekend to make certain our case got the attention and success required to bring our loved one home. It is also very important to know that she has sophisticated research tools, which are IMPERATIVE when you have to navigate through the Appeals process.”

– Jack H.

“Ms Contreras helped me with my appeal to the Texas Supreme Court. She has excellent knowledge of the law and process of the court. Her petition for review was well researched and well written. And she almost always answered the phone when I called to ask questions. I really appreciate a lawyer you can get in touch with. I highly recommend her for any appeal.”

– Cleveland F.

“Ms. Contreras worked on my husband’s criminal appeal case and she was extremely helpful and very professional in her work, she was always available for us to answer all questions and concerns and she will make things happen, I strongly recommend her. We are very thankful for Ms. Contreras.”

– Sandra M.

“Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope. . .”
― Robert F. Kennedy

Civil Appeals

Criminal Appeals Remedies

Mistakes occasionally occur in the justice system, and a convicted individual has multiple options criminal appeals. Susan Clouthier can evaluate your case to determine the next best step.

Civil Appeals

Civil Appeals

If you received an unfavorable judgment in a civil trial or you need to defend a successful judgment on appeal, Susan Clouthier can help. You have the right to appeal to a higher court, and our firm has handled appeals in both Texas and multiple Federal Circuit Courts, including the Supreme Court.


A Partner To Stand By Your Side

We understand the legal process can become frustrating. You begin the legal process trusting that the judge or jury will make the correct decision in your favor, but sometimes that is not the case. An experienced appeals firm with particular experience in this field can help you navigate through the court system and attempt to correct the mistakes. Clouthier Law, PLLC is unique in that when you call, you will connect directly with the attorney. Susan Clouthier is committed to her clients; she stays in constant communication along the way and she fights hard for justice.

Serving Clients In The Greater Houston Area

and all over the State of Texas

Handling Both Civil And Criminal Appeals

The Firm Provides Thoughtful Care In Appellate Cases For Its Clients.

  • Civil appeals. From cases resolved by summary judgment to jury verdicts, the firm represents clients in all facets of civil appeals.
  • Criminal appeals. If you have been convicted of a crime, you can appeal and potentially reverse the verdict.

The firm provides strategic, thoughtful care in appellate cases for its clients. In some cases, the firm also provides care in other areas such as family, real estate and criminal law cases as necessary.

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If you or a loved one is facing an unfavorable judgment and considering an appeal, please contact the firm of Clouthier Law, PLLC today. When you call, the attorney will answer the call herself, and she will arrange a time to speak with you. You can also reach the firm’s office by sending an online message.

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